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Apex real docs is the most reliable source to get the original bank statement you have been craving for all this time among the many supporting documents you need to prove your credentials from time to time, the bank statement stands as the most important as it reveals your credit history.

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A bank Statement is a record, ordinarily sent to the account holder consistently, summarizing the complete transaction of the account through a given period from the previous statement to the current one. The opening balance from the earlier month added to the total of all exchanges amid the period results in the closing balance for the current state. A bank statement assumes a significant role when you apply for a loan or a tourist visa to a distant country. There are about a dozen documents that are issued by various institutions and government bodies which will stand testimony when you need to prove your identity and status. A bank statement will show your past money transactions and current credit balance and will enable authorities to make up their mind whether they should grant a loan or allow you visa for another country. But you can get yourself a real bank statement from Apex real Docs if your credit rating or bank balance is low.

Why do you need a Bank Statement When applying for Loan?

When you are seeking mortgage to finance or refinance a home, you need to be approved by the lender so he can grant you the loan. Lenders take many criteria like assets, income, credit scores etc. when pondering over a loan so they can underwrite the amount. Here the statements you provide to the vendor must be verified by the bank institutions that you are associated with. Some lenders directly call the bank to verify it or send POD/VOD form to the bank requesting verification of your financial status. Banks   provide the VOD forms so lenders can download them from their website for use. If you are unable to provide a bank statement through official channel, you can always buy a real one from Apex real Docs These statements are verifiable and genuine and can pass the test of verification bodies.

Bank Statement is verified for Following Information

A proof of deposit will be asked by the lender when a borrower asks for a loan. The lender would like to know that funds required for the purchase is deposited in a bank account which is also accessible to him/institution.

Lender may also want to verify where the funds come from, at the time of tight credit. Some lenders place a cap on the gift money that is used for making the down payment for the purchase

The bank statement will also let the lender know whether the concerned bank account is open or closed. He will also check what type of account are you operating, and how much savings you have in balance.


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